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The Basics

This journal is FRIENDS ONLY!!
IF you want to see behind the curtain comment and let me know.

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Screw your TOS

Making my way to Dreamwidth as kittenspeaks.
Import has started....

8 Years...

8 years ago I posted this" http://kittenspeaks.livejournal.com/557969.html
I had just arrived in Chicago and I was excited about so many many things. I was right to be. My 8 years here have changed me in so many ways. It took a few years but I reconnected with theater, I made a better connection with film and television, I connected with a new side of music, I connected with a man who I made my husband.

8 years

Now, as a mere 8 years have passed, I am preparing to say goodbye to Chicago. I am arranging myself for major life changes.
In the end of February Wonderful Husband™ and I will be moving to L.A.(ish).
And that isn't even the biggest change.
In the end of March Wonderful Husband™ will be moving to Japan for 13 months to work at Universal Studios Japan as part of the Harry Potter Experience (he's a wizard!!).

13 Months

It is so much to think about and prepare for and anticipate. I think about being away from him for 13 months and my heart breaks. I think about what he is sacrificing so we can both focus on our careers and not have to stress over safety jobs and I know that he, and these 13 months, are worthy of my heartbreak. I know I have to work harder than I ever have on my career to make myself worthy of this sacrifice he is making.

8 years

So many people here have touched my life. They have made me better and stronger and I will miss them. Many of them have already made that westerly move and I am excited and reassured to be joining them.

13 Months

It will be a long time to not have him as part of my day to day. There will be visits to Japan in which time I will fill my heart and my senses with him and with the newness of my first genuine foreign land.

We will spend it turning the calendar with one of my favorite theater family members and lifting glasses high in cheer of the future and of all of the love and support we have as we make this next huge step in our lives. It really couldn't be a more perfect way to make this moment.

Stay Safe. Stay Happy. Know that your are loved.
Happy New Year Everyone!


My 4 by 40 quest- I FOUND A GROUPON!! Thanks to you wonderful people I have raised the funds needed for my 4 by 40 Skydiving Trip. I am going to push just a little more to sweeten the deal- I only need 65.00 more to take Pete with me on this plummet to earth. Even if you aren't so much into celebrating my brithday I know there are some of you that would love to see him take the jump.
With 145.00 I can take Pete with me AND I can get pictures of it all. For 175.00 I can take Pete with me and get pictures AND video of it.
What'cha say? Just a few dollars....

Here's the long sloppy link to donate.
*Edit- Mady a tide link for it


Pretty pretty please.....


Four by Fourty

I am on a quest!
Four pretty major life things by the time I turn 40 at the end of this month.
The 4 things are:
1) "Professional Actor Tool Kit" Completed. This means a reel, headshots and up-to-date resumes. I have the reel. I have some resume edits to do but that will be done this week/end. Headshots have been taken by the wonderful

moonbird and as soon as they are edited they will be off to the printer (thanks to Pete for that being my Christmas gift).

2) New Skill added to my resume. For that, my wonderful friend Amy is going to be working one on one with me for some stage combat training.

3) Leave the contiguous 48 states. It is something I have never done. Pete and I have plans in the work to try to make a long weekend trip and drive to Canada.

4) Go skydiving.

It is the last two for which I need your help. Both of these things cost a pretty penny so I am asking for donations to the cause of living a fuller life. Please, if you are compelled to give me something for my birthday do this. I don't need more things. I don't need more drinks or dinners. In lieu of any of that please toss a few bucks into here so I can have a good vacation and jump out of an airplane.

And, as added incentive a few things-
Anyone who donates will get my undying gratitude.
Anyone who donates at least 25.00 I will write something for you. A short story, a poem, a haiku, a special fortune cookie message- I don't know. Bout you get a writing that is all yours.
Anyone who donates at least 50.00 bucks I'll make you a video. Maybe I'll sing you a song. Maybe I'll put on a puppet show. Again- I don't know. But it will be a video just for you to say thank you for supporting me in this and helping me to reach these goals.

So, if you would, please toss a few coins in the hat.
I will live more fully. I will go on an adventure. I will take pictures and write stories. I will have a little more life experience that will help me be a better actor.
And I will have the best 40th birthday a gal could have.



If you get an email from my personal email address (the kitten@ address) with ho header- DON'T OPEN IT!! I have fixed the hack so it shouldn't happen again but just wanted to give people the heads up...

Cheap Movie Tickets from Fandango

Want some cheap movie tickets via fandango? Like 2 for 12.00 cheap? Ones you can use at any movie (even opening nights) until 9/22/11? Of course you do. Go here and get them: http://www.buywithme.com/i/b06fwjq0b16ou?utm_source=GYFLI&utm_medium=Social

Oh, and if 3 of you buy tickets using my little link then I get a discount...or points to use on other stuff...or a refund of the 12.00 I spent....so please use my link.
C'mon, when was the last time you got movie tickets for 6.00 that you could use at any movie (as long as it is via Fandango)?

Help for your Holidays

Hi gang!

Wander over to my "fan" page and check out the discussions as I just made a long and drawn out post about wonderful places for you to shop for your holidays! I talk about more than a few of you so ya might want to give it a gander. :-)


Oh yeah-

In an attempt to take better care of my "career" I made a facebook fan page. This is where I will post information about shows/ events I am working in/on/for as well as information for shows/ events for other artists and organizations I like to support. Until I actually get a website built (which really...yeah....) this will also be the site for my online portfolio and any reels I can put together. (Of course, for my reels it does mean that people I work for who promise me footage would actually have to give it to me. I'm working on that as well...)
If you want to keep up with me for stuff that is more interesting than how much I love my cats, please wander over and give the "LIKE" button a little click. And please feel free to pass this around to others.

Kalina Kitten McCreery Fan Page- Don't you wanna show me some love...or at least some LIKE

Fabric help needed!!

I need some help from my sewing/ crafty friends.

For DragonCon I usually get a 3'x6' piece of black foam core to serve as a backboard/ display for merchandise. WE get a new one every year as at the end of the con if can be a little beat up and even if it wasn't it isn't like Voltaire or I could take it on our flight home. I usually pick it up in my Dad's van (which he no longer has) or I have it delivered (which having it delivered to the hotel is complicated and expensive). Not to mention the fact that buying a new one every year gets costly when you add it all up.

This year I want to get a very very heavy duty piece of black fabric. I can throw in some grommets and tie it to the banisters like we did with the foam core last year. It should be easier to manage and something I can pack up and take away to use for later events.  I almost want "curtain blacks" but they are probably a bit heavier than I need, they would be too expensive, and I honestly don't think I can find them that small.

I am thinking a super heavy muslin...or some kind of upholstery material...I don't know.

So, I need suggestions.

The catch, this is something that I need to be able to get in Chicago on Monday (before I leave), in Atlanta on Wednesday (after my arrival), or something I can order this weekend (or Monday) and have delivered to Atlanta by Weds. evening or Thursday morning at the latest.

If you have suggestions of fabric to use or places to shop please let me know.



Something You Need to Hear

Ok, you all know that is is rare for me to take the time/ energy to promote a product/ band/ movie/ etc. So, when I am willing to take that time you know that I was truly and deeply impressed and you should all rush to your computers/ theaters/ music venues/ etc to learn more so you too can be filled with joy and awe.

This time around I must shout the praises of John McLaughlin and the Rouges.

On Sunday I made jaunt a to Madison, Wi. to catch up with some friends and revel in the creative brilliance that is Hellblinki Sextet. Little did I know that I would be completely blown away but the opening band: John McLaughlin and the Rouges.

Zoot Suits and an Upright Bass were my first clue that I was going to like them. Add to that a sound that is a brilliant line between old jazz and early swing with just a touch of gravel and soul and I am in love.
The band has a couple of covers, like Minnie the Moocher set to traditional New Orleans Funeral March and Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah which they somehow manage to make even darker and more romantic. But most of the material was original with themes of the dark and fanciful. And, further testament to the genius of the performance is the vocal stylings presented through a mic with the nostalgic look and sound of the 1930's/ 40's Carbon Mics. (And this is a mic that I understand McLaughlin made himself. Yeah, I knew you'd be impressed.)
Billing themselves as "Eerie Americana" their music is perfect for the set up pieces when a Radio Theater Company does a true revival of The Shadow. I also fully anticipate every burlesque performer in the country to be scrabbling to commission the band for rights to use in performances.

They have a CD release party in Milwaukee Jun 4th and if you can make it out you certainly should. It is a show you won't want to miss.

And a note to my promoter/ booking agent friends: You will want to get your hands on this band before they are too popular to afford.


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